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About Ross Golf Design

Established in 2019, Ross Golf Design is a full-service golf course design company based in Austin, Texas. We specialize in providing our clients with complete golf course design, shaping, and construction management services. Rooted in the design philosophies of golf’s Golden Age, we strive to create fun, strategic golf courses capable of challenging the most accomplished golfers while remaining enjoyable for all.

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At Ross Golf Design, we are as comfortable with a shovel in our hands or behind the blade of a bulldozer as we are making a presentation to a membership or at a desk working on our next design. Our passion for golf drives us to provide this hands-on experience to our clients. We believe that the best products are conceptualized on the drawing board but must be finalized in the field. Golf is played on the ground, after all. There are no formulas or sets of rules capable of creating a good golf experience. Instead, it takes a team of detail-oriented artisans to formulate a clear plan of action and then take that plan into the field to create something spectacular from it. At Ross Golf Design, that is what we do.

About Brian Ross

Brian Ross has been fascinated with the game of golf and its varied playing fields since he first picked up a golf club at the age of 12. Growing up on his family’s farm in the mountains of southwest Virginia helped Brian to develop an early love for the outdoors. It is no surprise, then, that golf would be such an attractive pursuit to his teenage mind. Almost immediately after taking up the game he began to see potential golf holes everywhere: along the country roads of southwest Virginia, in the dunes of North Carolina’s Outer Banks where his family vacationed, and even in his own backyard where he built a primitive six-hole short course when he was 15. Many of his middle and high school notebooks were littered with drawings of these yet-to-be-realized holes.


Brian attended Virginia Tech where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture. He has a wide range of experience in the golf industry, having spent time as an Assistant Professional before turning his attention to golf course construction. Later, Brian would move to Pinehurst, North Carolina, the Cradle of American Golf, where he would continue to hone his design skills as a Design Associate before returning to Texas to form Ross Golf Design in 2019.

Brian lives in the Hill Country just west of Austin, Texas with his wife Kristen and their children, Graham (10), Caroline (7) and Hannah (4 months). Outside of golf, he enjoys traveling, fishing, and exploring Austin and the small towns, barbecue pits, and swimming holes that surround his Central Texas home.

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