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At Ross Golf Design, we are more than designers. We are doers. We believe that the best golf courses are produced not in an office, but in the field with a design team that has a constant presence on-site, where adjustments can be made on the fly and the creative process can flow freely. Golf course architecture is an art, after all, and our medium is dirt, not paper. A golf course cannot be designed to completion in only two dimensions. It is in the third dimension where the design process is completed, where the minute details are added, and where good can become great.


The hand-crafted approach that we take on each project allows us to maximize our client’s dollar by eliminating many of the costly change orders and miscommunications that often occur in the field while the architect is “away”. Our goal is to be your project representative from the day the design contract is signed until the day the project is turned over to the golf course superintendent and every day in between.


Whether you have a new golf course project in mind, are exploring a restoration of your course to its original golden-age intent, or want to upgrade your facility to be better positioned in today’s competitive marketplace, Ross Golf Design wants to be the company to help guide you and your golf course to a brighter future.

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Belmont Color Rendering.jpg
Belmont Color Rendering.jpg




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